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Gas & Electricity Suppliers

Below is a little background about the major players in the gas and electric industry.

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Atlantic, provides Gas and Electricity to customer across the UK and is part of Scottish and Southern Energy. Click Here for more information on Scottish and Southern Energy.

British Gas

British Gas, as part of the Centrica Group, provides UK gas and electricity services to millions of customers. In addition to being a domestic energy supplier, British Gas Homecare provides gas appliances and central heating installation as well as repairs and maintenance in Wales, Scotland and England.

Countrywide Energy

Countrywide Energy, subsidiary of Countrywide Farmers, has been a UK energy supplier to rural communities for over 50 years.


Ecotricity is a green energy supplier and in 2007 the company was an "Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy" finalist. As of the end of 2007, approximately 20% of power was from renewable energy sources. However, you can choose a 100% green energy tariff too if you would prefer. Ecotricity continues to invest heavily in UK wind energy in order to increase sustainable energy supplies.


E.ON or EON is one of the largest UK energy suppliers. E.ON UK is a subsidiary of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas company, headquartered in Germany. It was created following the E.ON acquisition of Powergen. Click here to go to E.ON


Ebico is a not-for-profit company, providing domestic energy in the UK. Ebico's goal is to provide the best deals and cheap rates to people who need affordable energy. Ebico attempts to deliver fair prices with a tariff structure that is simple and transparent, equally to all customer accounts.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is the largest electricity supplier for London, South East England and South West England. EDF Energy has approximately 5.1 million residential and business customers. EDF Energy is owned by the lectricit de France and was created after the mergers of Seeboard (previously South Eastern Electricity Board), SWEB Energy, London Energy (previously the London Electricity Board) and several other power stations. Click here for more information on EDF Energy

Green Energy

Green Energy is a UK green energy supplier which has two green tariffs to choose from; one with 17% from renewable energy sources and the other from 100% renewable sources. One criticism of Green Energy has been its lack of investment in new sustainable energy sources.

Good Energy

Good Energy, a green energy supplier for the UK, provides only 100% renewable electricity, while many of the other green energy providers only offer this as one of the options. However, the criticism of Good Energy is lack of investment in new sustainable energy generation.

London Energy

London Energy (previously London Electricity Board) merged with Seeboard, SWEB Energy and several other power stations to form EDF Energy. EDF Energy has around 5.1 million accounts primarily in London, South West England and in South East England. Click here for more information on EDF.


Manweb was the Merseyside and North Wales electricity supplier prior to being acquired by Scottish Power. Click here for more information on Scottish Power.


Npower (N Power) is a leading UK natural gas and electricity supplier. Npower was initially formed in 1999 as the combination of Calortex, MEB, MEB Powerline, National Power Energy Direct and Independent Energy, Yorkshire Electricity and Northern Electric and Gas. RWE Npower is a provider to approximately 6.8 million retail customer accounts.Click here for more information on Npower

Scottish Hydro

Scottish Hydro (prior to 1989 was known as North of Scotland Electricity), was created initially in order to acquire the assets of North Scotland Hydro Board. Scottish Hydro is now a part of Scottish and Southern Energy; a public UK gas and electric company with over 9.5 million customer accounts. Scottish and Southern Energy.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power was acquired by Iberdrola in 2006 in order to form one of the largest electricity companies in Europe and the world's top renewable energy operator. Scottish Power was originally formed from the South of Scotland Electricity Board and the later acquisition of Manweb.Click here for more information on Scottish Power.

Seeboard Energy

Seeboard Energy (previously South Eastern Electricity Board or SEEB), a UK electricity company, was purchased by EDF Energy and combined with London Energy and South Western Energy Board (SWEB). EDF Energy is one of the largest British electricity suppliers to London, South East England and South West England. Click here for more information on EDF.

Southern Electric

Southern Electric, brand of Scottish and Southern Energy, is a leading gas and electric provider in England. In addition, Southern Electric supplies gas, electricity, insurance, telephony and broadband internet services too. Click here for information on Scottish and Southern Energy.


Swalec has been a supplier of electricity and gas in Wales for decades and it is currently a segment of Scottish and Southern Energy. Scottish and Southern Energy is one of the leading providers of UK electricity and gas, with over 9.5 million utility accounts to date. Click here for more information on Scottish and Southern Energy.

SWEB Energy

SWEB Energy (previously South Western Electricity Board - SWEB) is now part of EDF Energy; one of the largest UK utility companies. Click here for more information on EDF.

Union Energy

Union Energy holds the core value of providing cheaper gas and electricity prices for your UK energy needs. Union Energy specialises in being a cheap gas and electricity supplier to trade union members and their families.


Utilita is the leading provider of prepayment Gas and Electricity in the UK, aiming to offer a fairer deal to families and energy conscious households through the use of modern smart meters. The first energy supplier to model itself on the needs of prepayment customers, Utilita is focused on maintaining competitive tariffs and developing user friendly ways to pay-as-you-go.

Each member of Utilita's fast growing customer base has the ability to view their energy usage at the push of a button via a modern smart metering system. No longer tied to plugging in a key or a card, their top-ups are sent back to their meters remotely, whether they pay at a PayPoint outlet, online, over the phone, on their mobile or via text message. For peace of mind, every meter is equipped with £10 ‘Emergency’ and ‘Friendly Credit’; to keep customers going through the evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Their ethos spreads right through the company, so that when customers call their Hampshire-based call centre, they can speak to a friendly and attentive member of staff who wants to help them save energy and money.


Staywarm is now part of E.ON and it is an energy scheme for those individuals 60 years or older. Energy is provided at a fixed price regardless of the amount consumed. Stay Warm electric and gas cost is determined by the number of bedrooms and the number of people who live within the home. Click here for more information on E.ON.

Scottish and Southern Energy

Scottish and Southern Energy formed in 1998, is the second largest electricity and gas provider within the United Kingdom. According to their website they are big believers in Green Energy and they are the largest producer of electricity from renewable energy sources. Click here for information on Scottish and Southern Energy.

United Utilities

United Utilities, based in Warrington, primary operations are in North West England. The UK utility company provides wastewater, water, electric and gas supplies to over 20 million customers within the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT)

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) (April 2008 – March 2011) is the third three-year phase of an energy supplier obligation. It requires all domestic energy suppliers with a customer base in excess of 50,000 customers to make savings in the amount of CO2 emitted by householders.

Under CERT, energy suppliers are required to deliver measures that will provide overall lifetime carbon dioxide savings of 185 MtCO2 (increased from 154 MtCO2 in 2009) – equivalent to the emissions from 1 million homes each year. It is expected to require energy suppliers to need to invest around some £3.2bn in order for them to meet their obligation.

CERT requires suppliers to focus at least 40 per cent of their activity on a 'Priority Group' of vulnerable and low-income households including those in receipt of eligible benefits and pensioners over the age of 70 by increasing the energy efficiency of these households.

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